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While many are not dangerous and pose no serious threat, the presence of a spider in your home can still be unsettling. They tend to hide in tough-to-spot places and build webs throughout your home and yard, which makes them a bit more difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, our Springdale, AR spider control experts at Hopper Termite & Pest can help remove these pests from your property. Combining our 55 years of experience with continuous training and certification, we will design a customized plan to remove spiders from your home and prevent them from returning.

Spider control starting at $84/quarter


Premier Pest Prevention Plan

Year-round protection from stink bugs, other insects, and rodents, starting at $84 per quarter*. After a thorough interior and exterior initial service, we will preventatively treat the exterior of your home every three months to keep pests out of your home. There is no additional charge if issues with included pests pop up in between treatments.

This program covers most crawling insects as well as mice and rats.

*Prices will vary depending on the size of the property.

There may also be a higher initial price when starting services.


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Keeping spiders out of Arkansas homes since 1963

Spider control FAQ’s

What are common spider habits?

There are around 3,000 known species of spiders that exist throughout North America, and the south is home to quite a few of them. This is because spiders are attracted to heat and damp or dark areas.

Therefore they are commonly found in:

  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Sub-floor air vents
  • Upper corners or rooms
  • Attics
What can I do to help prevent spiders?

The good news about spiders is that they tend to prefer staying outdoors unless your property provides a heat or food source for them. Therefore, you’re more likely to encounter infestations in your yard, especially if you have bushes, plants, or trees. In order to discourage such pests from entering your home, our Springdale, AR spider control specialists recommend keeping any landscaping away from the exterior of your home.

Other spider prevention tips include:

  • Seal any cracks in doors, windows, or your foundation
  • Keep an eye on humidity levels within your attic and basement
  • Eliminate any wood piles or debris accumulating near the side of your home
Are brown recluse spiders dangerous?

The brown recluse spider, also known as the fiddleback spider, is one of two venomous spiders in the Ozarks. These spiders can live up to 2 years, and range in size from .6 cm to 2 cm. While not a large spider, just the words ‘brown recluse’ strike fear into those who have been bitten or know someone who has been bitten and had an adverse reaction.

The brown recluse is not an aggressive spider and tends to hide in mostly undisturbed areas, hence the recluse part of its name. Its venom is hemotoxic, but the majority of bites do not result in any symptoms. Even so, there are those who have severe reactions, which can include vomiting, fever, rashes, necrosis, organ damage, and even death.

Where do brown recluse spiders like to live?

Brown recluse spiders are native to Arkansas and can often be found both in and outside homes. When outside, these spiders can be found in woodpiles and debris. Inside the house, they favor places like cardboard because it mimics rotting wood. They also reside in clothing, shoes, boxes, bedding, and storage areas. If you believe you have a brown recluse infestation, reach out to our Springdale exterminators.

What attracts brown recluse spiders?

The brown recluse is a hunter spider and is attracted to food. Their primary source of food is small bugs. If you have small insects such as cockroaches, flies, moths, and crickets, it’s best to get regular pest control so you don’t invite more unwanted guests. And because they’re nocturnal predators, brown recluses are also drawn to dark spaces.

Spiders & Your Health

While many people think that all spiders can bite them and cause serious health issues, there are only a few whose bites are venomous. The most common of these two are the brown recluse and black widow spiders. If you or a loved one has been bitten, you will need to seek immediate medical attention.

Additionally, because spiders feed on other insects, some of which carry disease, their presence can increase or indicate the presence of such pests.

Show Spiders the Door

Because we take a one-on-one approach to pest control, we will first arrive and perform a thorough inspection of your property. This will give our licensed technicians an idea of what attracted the spiders in the first place, where they’re hiding, and what the best method would be to eliminate them and prevent any return. You can rest assured that we have the experience to get the job done right; our results will speak for themselves.

We’re spider control experts

Spiders are easily some of the most reviled pests in Arkansas and since 1963, we’ve removed countless infestations from folks’ homes and businesses. Check out our blog to learn more about spiders, where they hide, and what you can do to help keep them away.



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