According to Wikipedia, a person who admires spiders is referred to as an “Arachnophile.” Right off the bat let’s get one thing clear – you will not find any spider lovers here at Hopper Termite & Pest. Although some spiders are absolutely harmless, some are extremely venomous and can pose serious health risks. (In our area, black widows and brown recluse spiders are the main dangerous ones that we see). They can also bring out the worst reactions from most people. One way to change the mood in any home or business is to see those eight legs crawling around. YIKES! 

The number of spiders that will venture into your home will increase as spring turns to summer. They can appear in the shower, under your pillow, in drawers, and most any spot you don’t want them to be in. We are your best option when it comes to solving your arachnid problems. Hopper can not only rid your house or business of these creatures, we can prevent them from even darkening your door!



Although it’s nearly impossible to find EVERY crack, anything you can do will help. Look for holes or gaps in doors and windows. Repair torn window screens and consider covering your vents with fine mesh material. Some of the best places to look are in your kitchens, bathrooms and basements – places where it is dark and moist.


Reducing the clutter will decrease the options for spiders to hide. Clean things up after a meal, making sure to wipe down surfaces that have crumbs and spills. Vacuum vacuum vacuum. If you knowingly vacuum up spider eggs, be sure to dispose of them quickly into a container that they can’t crawl out of. Many times the eggs are vacuumed up, only to have the eggs hatch and baby spiders wind up all over the place.


Spiders are attracted to light, mainly because that’s where they’ll find their favorite menu item – insects! Consider limiting how many outside lights are on at night – and be sure to seal your house as best as possible on the inside walls and doors that are adjacent to those lights.


You would be surprised at how many places a spider can find to live and multiply right outside your home. They love to hide in shrubs, under rocks, wood piles and compost piles. Remove those plants from the side of your home, stack firewood away from your house and cut back the shrubs and overhanging limbs. The Brown Recluse Spider loves to drop down into your house from trees and limbs.


We have heard story after story of people being bitten by a black widow, brown recluse or other types of spiders which can lead to expensive medical meals and lost sleep at night! Believe it or not, even your dogs and cats can be affected by spider bites. 

Who you gonna call? Don’t give spiders a chance! Contact Hopper today for a free consultation! We can stop your spider problems – from itsy bitsy to gargantuan! 

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May 26, 2023

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