Why do pests invade homes when it’s raining?

Insects can be present in the home at any time of the year, with different climates and conditions attracting different types of pests.

But you may have noticed increased insect activity during rainy weather. Is there a connection? Do rainy conditions really cause insects to invade your home at a higher rate? We’re here to investigate.

Warm and dry

With some exceptions, it’s safe to say that most pests prefer warm, dry conditions.

Just like you, when it’s raining or cold outside, pests are attracted to more comfortable spaces– which can indeed include your home!

Staying alive

Seeking a dry safe haven is a survival technique for many unwanted insects, who run the risk of drowning if they’re stranded in a wet area.

Plus, excessive rainfall can flood insects’ nests, forcing them to relocate on a moment’s notice. For example, anthills are particularly susceptible to flooding, and when the ants are forced out of their homes, they have to find a new one quickly.

What kinds of pests invade homes during rainy weather?

Aside from ants, you might be wondering: what other critters should I be looking out for during rainy weather?

Unfortunately, cockroaches are another pest that are likely to seek shelter in your home during rainy weather.

Although cockroaches don’t mind humidity and often seek out damp spaces, heavy rains put them at risk of drowning. This is when they’re likely to find a way into your home.

Yellow jackets are another unpleasant pest that might seek out your home to stay dry during rainy weather.

These stinging wasps build their nests underground, and during heavy rains, they’re likely to get flooded out. If they’re able to access a dry spot in your home, you might run into them when you least expect it!

Spiders, while beneficial to our ecosystems and helpful to have around your home, can be unpleasant to run into, especially inside the home.

During rainy weather, spiders are also likely to seek shelter within your home. While these arachnids take care of other unwanted pests, you probably don’t want them around your house, either.

How can I prevent insects from entering my home when it rains?

A quick internet search will provide you with thousands of DIY pest-control strategies, suggesting that you use all kinds of chemicals and household items to keep unwanted pests at bay.

However, DIY pest control is ineffective at best and downright dangerous at worst.

Seeking professional pest services is the best thing you can do to keep pests out of your home during all kinds of weather.

At Hopper, we’re trained to examine your home and find where the insects are coming in. We’ll work with you to seal your home up tight, eliminating the cracks and spaces that might attract insects hoping to wait out a rainstorm.

Once the place is sealed up, our expert technicians will provide regular pest control, keeping your home free of unwanted guests all year round.

If you’re ready to get rid of the pests in your home once and for all, give Hopper a call today!

Dec 9, 2022

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