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Whether it is a residential home or a one-million-square-foot industrial complex, let Hopper Termite & Pest design the necessary wildlife control and/or exclusion program to suit your needs. Most species of wildlife do some sort of destruction to your home or business in their process of intrusion. Most property owners will ask, “Why are they here?” or “Why is this happening to me and not the property next door?”. The answer is almost always the same in every case: your property offers food, water, or shelter. The first step in any wildlife “crisis” is a professional evaluation by one of our wildlife experts in Springdale and Mountain Home. This includes the proper identification of the animal(s) in question, where they are gaining entry (if applicable), and the proper treatment method for solving your particular problem.


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What are some methods of wildlife exclusion?

We offer expert services in areas such as exclusion, which prevent nuisance wildlife from entering your home or business.

This may require:

  • Screening
  • Wood repair
  • Gutter and guard installation
  • Bird spike installation

Wildlife Control

Hopper Termite & Pest utilizes many methods in dealing with nuisance wildlife. It may be as easy as trap and release in some cases, or even the installation of a chimney cap. In other cases, depending on the animal(s) in question, a long-term commitment to removing the animals is necessary. Whatever the case may be, you can trust our Springdale and Mountain Home wildlife control experts to design the solution to your problem.

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Wildlife infestations can be unexpected, and the best way to get whatever critters are in out will likely depend on the circumstances. But check out the Hopper blog for general advice on wildlife control and dealing with other kinds of pests.

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What attracts raccoons to my house?

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How to Respond to a Wildlife Infestation at Your Home

How to Respond to a Wildlife Infestation at Your Home

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Eviction Notice

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