Businesses That Are Most Likely to Need Pest Control

While pest control is a good option for any business, there are some commercial buildings that may have pest problems more often than others. For these businesses, regular pest control measures are essential for keeping employees, customers, and visitors safe.

Hotels, Spas, Theaters, Nursing Homes & Other Businesses with Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests that infiltrate businesses. While they are most often found in hotels and motels, bed bugs can live anywhere there is soft furniture, such as in theater seats, nursing home beds, or even chairs and couches in the lobby of a business.

Restaurants, Grocery Stores & Other Food Service Businesses

Any business that sells food can have pest problems. Whether it’s an eatery, a convenience store, or a food distribution company, any business that has food on the premises can attract pests. Ants, flies, roaches, and rodents are known to seek out food, especially when it is not stored properly. There can also be issues with wildlife getting into trash. It is essential to properly store food and clean your property to keep pests away.

Offices & Other Businesses

An office can have significant pest issues. Like hotels, the furniture in an office can have bed bugs, and like restaurants, food can attract bugs, rodents, and other pests. In addition to general cleaning duties, it is important to make sure that food isn’t improperly stored in employees’ desks or left in a conference room after a meeting. It can also be helpful to regularly clean storage spaces, as pests commonly hide in closets and rooms that may not be entered very often. You should also check all packages for pests to avoid a potential infestation.

Termite Troubles in Businesses

Termites are a pest that can bother any business, regardless of what type of company it is. You should consistently be aware of the signs of a termite infestation on your commercial property, such as peeling paint, tunnels in wood, or drywall damage.

We Can Keep Your Business Safe & Healthy

By maintaining your business, regularly cleaning your property, and properly storing food, you can minimize pest problems at your company. While these things are helpful, nothing can replace the efficacy of professional pest control services. The Hopper Termite & Pest team can help you create the clean and comfortable environment that your employees and customers deserve.

Dec 29, 2021

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