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Why Choose Hopper for your Pest Control Services?

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Whether you live in Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, Bentonville or in Mountain Home, Bull Shoals, Yellville, Mountain View, Flippin or anywhere in between…

Hopper Environmental Services provides dependable, effective solutions for termite and pest problems. Our highly trained technicians provide a range of services, from residential to commercial and industrial, small to large buildings, that eliminate termites and other pests.

Beginning in 2008, we expanded our traditional services to include Handyman Services and Green Solutions. Please visit these parts of our website for more information.
Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We understand you have a busy schedule and we will arrive on time, every time.

Hopper Environmental Services is proud to belong to the Mountain Home, Springdale & Fayetteville Chambers of Commerce as well as the National Pest Management Association, and Arkansas Pest Management Association. Hopper Environmental Services is a certified QualityPro company.

Why Choose Hopper Over Other Pest Control Companies?
You Get the Most Value for Your Dollar!


  • Family Owned & Operated – Serving North Central Arkansas & South Central Missouri since 1963; Northwest Arkansas since 2009.
  • Dedicated to Protecting, Home, Health & Property.
  • We have received the EPA’s highest recognition for our commitment to reducing the impact of pesticides on the environment. We are proud to be the only company in the state that can display – the EPAs seal of Environmental Stewardship.
  • We also proudly display the Quality-Pro Seal of the National Pest Management Association. This seal is earned by a select number of companies in the Country that are recognized by the NPMA for their expertise and professionalism.
  • Hopper is a pioneer and leader in “Green Pest Management. It’s one of the few companies in the Country qualified to service LEED certified buildings throughout our region. (Green Bldg Council – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • We utilize the most advanced techniques to control and eradicate pests: IPM. Most companies can define the words; Integrated Pest Management, but can’t define the concept! With IPM we use advanced Inspection Techniques, Sanitation recommendations, Mechanical controls (traps, glue boards, electronic units), Exclusion (keeping pests out by sealing up openings), Biological Controls (pheromone traps), Cultural Controls (preventing pests from using trees, etc – from gaining access to the structure, the Judicious Use of Pesticides and an on-going Communication and Education program, to manage your account.
  • Almost all of our highly skilled and trained technicians have been with our company for over 10 years.
  • Our philosophy has always been, “If we take care of our “employee family,” then our employees will take care of our “customer” family. Living this philosophy, assures you of unsurpassed consistency and quality of service.
  • Every technician is Security screened by our company & certified and licensed by the Arkansas State Plant Board and/or the Missouri Department of Agriculture. (criminal, motor vehicle, drug)
  • Our Company provides advanced training and education, for our technicians, at our state-of-the-art in-house training facility in Mountain Home.
  • Our Company is respected throughout the Arkansas, Missouri and the Country for its expertise, and business ethics.
  • Our Company is committed to impeccable and ongoing quality control and monitoring. This ensures our customers of service quality and consistency.

  • We support numerous charities, civic organizations and the communities in which we work and live.

Just Ask Any of Our Customers. No One Cares Like We Do!

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