What are the Different Ways We Fight Off Pests?

Pests can’t be left to run loose. The problem will only get worse. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t always easy. If it was you wouldn’t have to rely on professionals to make sure the issue goes away for good. When you have a problem as complex as pest control, you need a varied gameplan. We take the fight to pests across multiple fronts. We’ll explain how the best pest control companies can stop pests in their tracks with different techniques.


One of the simplest methods to understand is mechanical pest control. Think of your simple rat trap or a gate preventing pests from getting under your home. These are physical barriers that block pests or kill them. Straightforward solutions are great when the problem is simple. If you have particular problem areas in your home or garden, a mechanical solution may be able to solve it.


Sometimes a biological problem requires a biological solution. In this case, we are talking about bringing in a pest’s natural predators scare them away. This has been a popular solution throughout history. One fun example are polydactyl cats. These cats have more toes than normal which made them extraordinary hunters of rats on boats throughout history. Your home environment may not be as controlled as a ship at sea. It’s important to recognize the potential impact a new species can have on the local ecosystem.

We take this into consideration with all of our recommendations. Luckily, there are a few tried and true choices here. Ladybugs can eat pests like mites. Dragonflies and centipedes have a great track record as well. Lastly, introducing parasites that can kill insects may be beneficial and is another form of biological pest control.


You may be wondering how pest control could be cultural. We call it this because it has to do with changing the underlying conditions that allow certain pests to thrive. One simple example may be how your irrigation system may be supplying too much water to your garden allowing weeds to grow. Sometimes, you can be accidentally fostering a perfect growing environment for pests to get out of hand without realizing it. A professional can spot these issues right away and give you the guidance to change.


The most common type of pest control are chemical pesticides. There are so many different types of pesticides out there that have their own focus. Some are very mild, while others can be quite strong. It is important that they are applied by professional hands. You need to know what the impact will be on your home or yard, otherwise, you may have ill effects. We’ll talk you through all of the potential impacts a pesticide can have on your home, so we can make the best decision together.

Organic or Natural

These are a subtype of chemical pesticides that have become popular in recent years. These substances are completely natural which means they can be broken down easily by the natural processes of your yard. While these may not be as effective as synthetic pesticides, they can be healthier for the environment. Additionally, because they are generally not as harsh, they can be used to accurately pinpoint the specific pest you need to control.

Overall, pest control covers a huge variety of methods. The important thing is to find the best choice for your specific situation. We understand the pros and cons of all of these methods and we want to walk you through our thought process so you know exactly what we are doing in your home and yard to prevent pests.

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Jul 19, 2020

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