Ways to Crush the Pest Problems in Your Commercial Kitchen

“One time, I went there and found a roach in my drink.”

“I don’t eat there. The flies are everywhere!”

The worst thing that can happen to a restaurant is for the word to get out that someone found a bug in their food or saw a mouse scurry under a table. This kind of publicity is bad for business and can hurt a restaurant’s reputation quickly. What do you do when pests and rodents have taken over your commercial kitchen?

Check out these tips to keep pests from becoming regulars at your restaurant.

Common Bugs Found in Commercial Kitchens

In order to get rid of bugs and rodents in your restaurant, you need to know what’s crawling in the shadows. Depending on where you live, there are quite a few different pests and rodents that may visit or try to visit your kitchen on a regular basis. Here is a small list of the most common bugs found in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Flies – Flies are one of the most annoying insects. While they don’t make any noises or cause itchy rashes or bites, flies love to be around when you are trying to eat and enjoy the outdoors. They get even more annoying when you have to share your food with them INSIDE of a restaurant. Flies can also pose a health risk to humans due to the fact that flies love to chow down on decaying organic waste. When they land on your skin or on your food, they can transfer diseases and other pathogens from their feet.

Roaches – Many restaurant owners and kitchen staff may not realize that they have a roach problem until it turns into an infestation. Many species of cockroaches like to stay hidden and most tend to come out at night. Like flies, roaches don’t necessarily bite or sting. However, they do pose a health threat to humans due to the fact that they carry viral and bacterial pathogens on their bodies and in their feces that can contaminate food and be transferred to humans.

Rodents – Rodents such as mice and rats can become a big problem quickly. In addition to carrying diseases, mice and rats can also cause a lot of damage to your restaurant and kitchen as they burrow or try to navigate through space. They can also contaminate your food supply with urine and droppings, causing thousands of dollars in food replacement.

Reduce Moisture

Water is the main item that draws in pests and rodents to your kitchen. Check around kitchen sink pipes for leaks. You also want to check dishwashers, ice machines, drains, mats, and ice makers. Although water is needed to clean your kitchen and prepare dishes, it is strongly suggested to make sure that you are keeping your kitchen as dry as possible. Don’t let things air dry or assume that they will dry on their own.

Eliminate Places to Hide and Live

It can take a lot of food and other supplies to operate a restaurant. This often means there are a lot of boxes and not a lot of storage. To keep rodents and other pests from hiding, make sure you get rid of any unused boxed. It’s also a good idea to keep boxes and other supplies away from any drains, pipes, or areas where they could get wet.

Keep Your Kitchen Spotless and Sanitary

There are a few simple sanitation tasks that can make a big difference in whether or not bugs are a regular visitor. Start out by wiping down counters where you prepare foods and removing any waste. Don’t just wait until the end of a shift or the end of the night. Wipe surfaces down on a regular basis. When putting food away, make sure it is in a solid and strong container. Roaches and rodents can eat through cardboard. You can also deter bugs and rodents by dumping trash regularly and away from the building. It’s also a good idea to clean out trash bins with soap and water on a regular basis.

Keep Things Closed

Most restaurants experience a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. While it is not easy, it is important to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. If there is a back entrance or loading area, make sure employees know to keep the door closed at all times. Adding items such as screens to windows and a fan can also help keep out pests such as flies.

Call Hopper Termite & Pest to Help Rid Your Restaurant of Rodents and Pests

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May 19, 2018

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