The Four Real Reasons You Have a Roach Problem

Roaches are a true nuisance to homes everywhere. They’re big, ugly, many varieties can fly, and they carry around a number of diseases and other problems that you simply don’t want to deal with. So when they start appearing in your home, you might be wondering why, and likewise what you can do about it.

The key to solving your roach problem is to figure out why you have it in the first place. Roaches don’t just continue breaking into your home unless something is drawing them to do it. If there’s nothing for them, they prefer to stay out. But that changes when your home provides them something they need, such as a place to build a nest, shelter, food, or moisture they need to survive. And these things come from sources you may not necessarily think about. That means it’s important to learn what causes your roach problem so you can work on solving it for good.

Here are four possible reasons that you’re dealing with a frustrating roach issue.

Your Home Provides Resources

Roaches need certain things to survive, just like we do. They need shelter where they can build a home and raise their young. They need food to eat and water to drink (some species also use it to lay their eggs). Likewise, they also need protection from predators, and that’s why they love to find their way in through tight spaces. Your home provides all of these things, and it’s sitting there for the taking unless you make efforts to keep roaches out. While you can’t necessarily take away the things a roach needs, you can make them harder to access, and that discourages them from coming in.

Roaches often get their moisture from unseen water sources, usually in the form of small plumbing leaks. If you have any areas of your home that are damp or impacted by water, have them repaired and clean them up. This will reduce the opportunity for mold growth and prevent roaches from coming in. Likewise, be sure to clean up messes as soon as possible. Wash dishes immediately, and take odorous trash out to your regular trash can as soon as possible. Without the smell of food, roaches won’t have any reason to come in.

Your Home Is a Great Place to Hide

As we mentioned earlier, roaches need shelter. This is important for both protection from the elements (the sun is harsh on absolutely everything) and for protection from predators. In order to make their nests, roaches need somewhere they can stay away from these things, and your home is an excellent place to do that. Most roach predators can’t get in through the small gaps a roach can fit their body through, so naturally, this is something that takes care of this major issue. For this reason, roaches frequently can be found near foundations and around the base of homes, particularly if there is a flower bed or lawn there to provide additional cover.

It’s Possible to Get Into Your Home

Many species of roach can fly, and they are capable of getting in through gaps and cracks far smaller than you might think. However, sealing your home’s exterior isn’t as difficult as it might seem. We recommend doing a walk of your home’s exterior and checking for large cracks, specifically around your foundation. These are generally the largest offenders when it comes to serving as roach entrances. However, we also recommend checking door jams and seals around windows, as they can crack and corrode over time. When they do, insects can get in with ease (plus you’ll lose a ton of energy in the form of heat loss).

Your Home Doesn’t Have Sufficient Defense

Finally, one of the real reasons your home is suffering from a roach problem is simply that you have not implemented proper defensive steps to keep roaches out. The best way to do that is with preventive treatments that form a perimeter around your home as a protective barrier. Repeated and ongoing treatments from a professional pest control team like Hopper Termite & Pest are designed specifically to keep a wide variety of pests away from your home, including roaches, by eliminating the ones that are present and keeping any new ones from returning.

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Dec 15, 2020

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