Pests to Look Out For This Fall

Just because the summer weather is on it’s way out, it doesn’t mean that your pest problems are over. In fact, the fall season is one season that you don’t want to let down your guard when it comes to pests. Insects, rodents, and small animals are all on the hunt for winter lodging.

Here are some common pests you need to look out for and how to secure your home against these autumn invaders.


During this time of the year, you may notice more spiders lurking around and building webs. This is due to the fact that fall is the time of the year when many species of spiders reproduce. Although many people are not a fan of spiders, the truth is that most spiders are not poisonous. If you just cannot take the sight of seeing one more spider, then give us a call.


These critters love to come inside during the colder months to keep warm. However, mice are not exactly neat. They like to chew on everything including electrical cords. They also carry diseases and cause issues for people who have breathing issues.


Even though you have been told that cockroaches can survive anything, they don’t mind coming into your home during winter months to stock up on food and stay warm. You can find these bugs mainly in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere there is food with easy access.

How Pests Gain Entry and How to Stop Them in Their Tracks

Pests can gain entry into your home through the smallest openings. During this time of the year, many of them are actively seeking small cracks and crevices in your caulking and weatherproofing seals. It only takes one small space to go overlooked. Here are some areas in and around your home to look for possible entry points.

Keep up Your Yard Work

Keep fallen leaves and debris picked up and keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing. You also want to cut back any bushes or shrubbery that is close to your home. Try to keep it at least 2-3 feet from your home. Pests and rodents like to use these plants as ladders to gain access.

Check the Perimeters of Your Home

Look around the outside of your home for any suspicious entry points. Many rodents and insects like to use the openings surrounding electrical or utility wiring. If you notice any openings around utility wires, use caulk to seal up the extra space.

Declutter Your Home

Spring is not the only time of the year to declutter and get rid of things. Fall is a great time as well. Most animals, rodents, and bugs only want two things: food and shelter. If your home is cluttered, it gives these pests a place to hide and search for food when you are not expecting it.

Don’t Have Time? Call Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. Today!

If you don’t have time to survey your home for entry points or you feel like you may already have some new roommates, give Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. a call today. Our trained technicians know where to look and can work with you to come up with a pest control plan. We can come out for individual service calls, or we can set you up with a year-round plan to help attack pests and rodents all year long.

Don’t wait until you have an infestation this winter. Give us a call today at (870)425-4122. And remember, we also serve commercial properties. Your business is just as important as your home. Keep it pest-free with Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. 

Nov 8, 2017

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