Man vs. Mice

Everyone and everyTHING is trying to stay warm this time of year. This includes rodents! Temps begin to drop and everything is drawn to the heat. While many animals and pests find shelter in a burrow or nest, many find their way to the inside of your home or business. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), “Rodents invade about 21 million homes each winter. 24 percent of homeowners report mice and rat infestations during the winter months.”

How do you know if you may have an infestation?

As most rodents are nocturnal animals, it is very important to understand and look for signs that may suggest you have an infestation. The first and probably most prominent sign is to see if you notice any small, brown droppings on your floor, in drawers, in cabinets, under cushions, etc. Another sign of an infestation may include sounds. Listen carefully at night when you have turned out all of the lights. Do you hear the sounds of something screeching and scurrying? Because many infestations occur during the winter months, you may also notice areas where the rodents have gained entry into the home or are beginning to burrow such as air ducts, the attic, and the walls.

Whether or not you discover signs, it is important to consult a professional for routine inspection and treatment. Hopper Termite & Pest Professionals have years of experience, and are your best friend when it comes to getting the upper hand on these pesky pests! Hopper will look for several things during their inspection. These include:

  • droppings
  • tracks
  • gnaw marks
  • burrowing
  • runways
  • grease/rub marks
  • urine stains
  • live or dead rodents
  • rodent sounds
  • rodent odors
  • nesting areas

In addition to our professional services, here are some tips you may consider:

1. Clean Up the Outdoors

Many plants and shrubs do tend to die down as winter gets near. However, if you notice any greenery near your home, trim it as much as possible so that it is not touching the house. Leaving plants and trees too close to the home offers many rodents and insects a clear-cut way into your home. If there are several plants, it may be difficult for you to detect exactly how pests are getting into your home.

2. Home and Health Risks

Once inside your home, rodents, and insects not only become unwanted stress, but they can cause serious damage to the home and may even put you and your family’s health at risk. Because they all can carry disease, it is very important that you take the necessary steps to keep them out of your home completely.

In addition to causing health problems, rodents such as rats can cause serious damage to your home. One example of possible property damage due to rodents such as mice and rats entering the home is damage to electrical wiring. These types of rodents like to burrow themselves inside of your walls where many of your electrical wires run. If they begin to gnaw on electrical wires, they could start a house fire.

3. Seal It Up

Rodents such as house mice can squeeze their body through a hole or opening as small as ¼ of an inch, while insects such as spiders can typically get through any space light can travel. Because of this, it is very important to go through the inside and outside of your home to look for places to seal so that pests can’t enter your home. Popular entry points include unsealed doors and windows, gaps around pipes, gaps in crawl space or attic vents, unsealed gaps around garage doors, and gaps around sewer drain.

In addition to sealing up the holes and cracks in your home, it is also a good idea to go through your food to make sure that all food is sealed. Rodents and insects are not only looking for shelter during extreme temps, but they are also looking to keep themselves nourished.

4. Stop the Water Flow

A water source can also be very attractive to pests during extreme weather. Leaking faucets, pipes, and drains should be inspected. Most small leaks can be fixed by adding caulk or other sealants. Since water is necessary for the survival of rodents and insects, cutting off their water supply and making it more difficult for them to make themselves at home is just one step in making sure they don’t infiltrate your home.

Call the Professionals 

The highly-trained technicians at Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. work each day battling pest and pest infestations. Their experience allows them to see past the ordinary and spot small cracks and holes rodents and insects use to gain entrance into your home and business that you may not notice. They will also know exactly what to do and how to manage the situation once pests have been detected.

From Mountain Home to Mountain View to Fayetteville and everywhere in between, Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. has the tools, techniques, and experience to eliminate pests and help you prevent rodents and insects from entering your home or business. Hopper Termite & Pest back up their services with their guaranteed rodent elimination program. If rodents return, so does Hopper and at no additional charge! Give Hopper a call today at (479) 332-3745 to get the process started.

Jan 21, 2020

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