Green Pest Control at Hopper

At Hopper Termite and Pest, we wanted to find an effective Green Pest Control solution for our customers who are more green-conscious and are looking for ways to eliminate pest problems without any of the chemicals! Some insecticides are said to cause issues for humans and the wildlife in the area, so using our preventative pest management system is a great option for those looking to avoid the chemical route.

When it comes to our Green First program, preventive steps are required to be able to effectively manage pests BEFORE you have an infestation. We rely on non-chemical methods to manage pests like ants, crickets, mice, rats, roaches, silverfish, spiders, and stored product pests.

  • Some of the steps you can expect with this program are listed below:
  • Inspection to find the true cause of a pest problem
  • Low-risk, effective tactics to break the cycle of pest habitation
  • Sanitation recommendations
  • Exclusion (caulking, sealing)
  • Mechanical control (barriers, traps)
  • Cultural controls (move woodpiles, eliminate clutter)
  • Biological controls (enzymes)
  • Targeted, strategic use of products
  • Customer education

Many issues with pests can be prevented with the proper knowledge and training of the household members. Noticing small cracks in the caulking, baseboards, external walls, etc. will help you to identify areas where small pests could potentially be entering. Making sure to blockade any entry points will help to keep pests out. Also, some other good habits to have are things like keeping food stored properly, keeping bushes, trees, and woodpiles away from the external walls of your home, and making sure your roofing is properly maintained.

Woman's hands cutting green vegetables and greens Some of the non-chemical methods we use can include traps or glue boards, rescreening foundation vents, or even the use of enzymes to clear drains of materials that breed fruit flies. If after our inspection, we do find that a treatment is needed, the first choice is an environmentally low impact product, like those including boric acids, diatomaceous earth, and products that use plant and tree oils as the primary active ingredients.

Of course, the need for the application of any product will be based on thorough inspections and our professionals have extensive training in pest biology and behavior.  We keep our staff trained on the most current methods of both non-chemical and traditional control.

The clue to green pest control is being very conscious and diligent about prevention. That way you do not end up with a problem so out of control that more traditional methods will have to be used. However, if it is determined that the pest problem is beyond repair, we may suggest using traditional products in very small applications in targeted areas in order to regain control of the pest issue.

If you would like to begin your Green First, preventative pest control program, please contact us today or visit our site to learn more!

Jan 19, 2019

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