Four Reasons Your Business Has Serious Pest Problems

Does it seem like your business struggles badly with pest problems? You aren’t alone. Pests are a huge issue for businesses, and it might seem like they are even more prominent in commercial areas than they are in residential zones. For business owners who also own a home, this might not make a lot of sense: how do pests tend to plague businesses so badly while homes may seem to be fairly secure and protected? The truth is this isn’t always true—homes can face pest problems just as bad as businesses, but there are a lot of factors that contribute to businesses having such prolific pest problems. Here are four of these issues.

Commercial Zones Are Heavily Populated & Active

When you think of pests that impact businesses, you probably think of two in particular: mice and rats. Here’s the thing with rodents: they are scavengers, and that means they follow humans in order to feed and scavenge through our waste. While our homes do produce a fair amount of waste, businesses create a lot more. Some of this is just due to the nature of their operations, but in many cases, it’s required because of regulations, especially for restaurants that are required to follow incredibly stringent food safety rules. All of this food is a veritable feast for rats and mice, and thus they tend to hang out a lot around these businesses. That makes pest control even more important, as even the mere presence of a rat or mouse can cause an otherwise spotless restaurant to have to go into a full-on shutdown for cleaning and decontamination.

Business Pest Problems Have a Greater Impact

As we said before, businesses don’t necessarily have pest problems worse than those homes—in many cases, homes are just as bad if not even worse than a business. However, when a business has a pest problem, it might seem like a much bigger deal simply because it has a much greater impact on those involved. When a business has a pest issue, it has a health issue. Pests carry disease, and that could create a dangerous situation for everyone: employees, customers, vendors, and more. They can even cause businesses to close, both temporarily and permanently. Therefore, the problem always seems serious. Conversely, the only people who are really affected when a home has a pest problem are the people living there (and perhaps any guests they may have).

Business Owners Don’t Typically Focus on Their Buildings

Pest problems may appear more prominent for businesses simply because business owners rarely put the effort into their facilities that a homeowner might put into their home. For a business owner, a facility is merely a tool to house their business, and it’s what happens inside that building that is important. Odds are, there are thousands of things that demand a business owner or manager’s attention at any given time, and that means it’s easy to relegate building conditions to the furthest reaches of your mind. That is, until it’s too late and something goes wrong. That’s why we like to offer business-oriented pest control services that repeatedly treat and care for your facility, and do so automatically so you don’t have to worry about scheduling. Likewise, you can get the help you need almost immediately with emergency service availability.

Businesses Have More Areas to Hide

Finally, one of the reasons why businesses have serious pest problems is that they might have far more places that a pest can hide. Some places have large machines with spaces beneath that insects can use to hide. Others have rubble piles or large outdoor areas where pests can make their homes. Some businesses have large shelving units that make not only great areas to hide but an extensive supply of food that pests can break into. All of this means businesses are generally appealing places to build a home, especially in a corner or area that receives very little traffic or added attention.

Focusing on proper cleaning helps resolve this issue. When every part of your facility is regularly cleaned, organized, and cared for, pests have fewer opportunities to go undetected, and that means they’re less likely to continue breaking in. Believe it or not, continually removing pests actually discourages them from getting in, and after a while they will give up and go somewhere else. With proper cleaning and regular pest control, you can keep your facility pest-free!

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Dec 1, 2020

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