Could Freezing Winter Temps Mean Fewer Insects in the Spring?

True or false – The one good thing about freezing temperatures during winter is their power to kill off pests that make it difficult to enjoy the spring and summer months.

Unfortunately, this one is mostly false. Insects are one of the most agile creatures in nature when it comes to extremely low temperatures. There are many methods they use in order to stay alive from one season to the next. From hibernating to moving into your home, insects have evolved over the years and know exactly what to do when winter weather is colder than cold. Here are just a few methods they use to survive and what you should do before warmer weather comes back around.

Freeze Tolerant Insects

Some species of insects are like superbugs. Their bodies defy logic and have a type of “anti-freeze” built into their system. This “anti-freeze” allows them to freeze their bodies without damaging tissue, cells, or organs. When the weather gets warmer, they thaw out and move along. Species of cockroaches fall under this category of insects and can be the reason why they seem impossible to exterminate.

Freeze Avoidant Insects

Freeze avoidant or avoidance insects also have a type of “anti-freeze” running their body. However, if temperatures drop below a certain point, these types of insects will die. Unfortunately, the temperature must be extremely cold (0 to -20°) for some of these species to actually die.

Will a Colder Winter Help Decrease the Number of Insects at All?

While cold weather won’t kill off a large number of pests, there are certain scenarios during the winter that could lower the number of insects and other pests when spring finally makes its debut.

First, insects are a food source for many species. And since winter months can pose a food shortage, insects tend to be high up on the food chain.

There are also many insects that choose to tunnel their way below the surface in order to avoid extremely cold temperatures. Many also choose to place their eggs and larvae right under the soil or under rocks to stay warm until spring. If there is a hard freeze, it can kill insects that are not very deep within the soil and freeze avoidant.

Finally, if freezing temperatures stay consistent all the way through March, it may be just enough to kill off some species of insects. Many insects that stay dormant during winter rely on stored energy and fat to stay alive. When their life source runs out and the temps are still below freezing, many insects won’t be able to survive.

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Jan 9, 2018

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