Ants in the House! Why they’re there and how to get RID of them.

As we move out of the winter months, pests become a growing concern again here in the Mountain Home area. One of the more common pests Hopper Termite & Pest experiences in the area are ants! These tiny creatures make their way into our homes, and can really drive you insane with their constant presence, especially inside the house, or even in your food!

One thing that’s important to know is that there are many different types of ants, each of which has their own reasons for being in your home, and each of which has different levels of problems attached to them. It’s important to identify what kind of ant you are dealing with so you know how to best get rid of them, but also to know how severe of an issue their presence is. Ant identification is a big part of controlling the issue, and something the experts here at Hopper can help you with!

If you find ants in your home, we recommend staying away from DYI pesticides and contacting Hopper Termite & Pest to help you address your infestation with expert identification and get the knowledge needed to deal with that particular ant species. If you’re looking to prevent an ant infestation knowing that spring is almost here, then you’ve come to the right place!

Why Are They Here?

All ants have something in common, and that is they need food. Understandably, ants like to eat the same foods that we do, so they like to be near their food sources– your kitchen! They also need moisture to survive, so they like warm wet spaces in the home. Some things you can do to prevent ant infestations are to make sure you fix any water leaks and do not leave puddles or pools of water around the kitchen.

  1. Check under sinks, and near plumbing in bathrooms to make sure there are no leaks or moist areas hiding out of sight. After washing dishes, dry up any puddles or pools of water that may be sitting on the counter or left under dishes hung up to dry. If you do find a leak, make sure to have it fixed right away.
  2. Keep your kitchen clean! Crumbs and open food packaging is one of the number one reasons ants come into your home. It’s like a free all you can eat buffet in there when you leave crumbs out under counters, behind appliances, or under the table. Make sure to fully seal and close food packaging in your pantry. Believe us, you will not be happy when you find your favorite cookies swarming with sugar ants!
  3. Seal your home to the best of your ability. Most ants are very small and can fit in through the tiniest of cracks and holes in your home. Always be checking for small cracks or areas that look like small pests could come through and make sure to seal them up as soon as you can.
  4. Make sure to keep brush and landscaping a safe distance from your home so it is not touching your external walls constantly. Pests like to make their homes in bushes and trees and it makes an easy path to your home from this landscaping.
  5. Try to control ant piles and nests in your yard. Attempt to create proper drainage in your lawn, as sitting water attracts ants and other pests as well.

Black ants crawling in grassOverall, there are many preventative steps you can take to keep ants from inside your home. Ants are driven by their desire for food and water, much like us humans, so the harder you make these things to access in your home, the easier it is to keep the pests out.

If you do start to notice these little intruders in your home, stealing bits of your snacks, make sure to give us a call and we will help you identify the issues and make sure to get all your ant issues under control! Give us a call at (479) 332-3745 or dig a little deeper into our website services and articles for more information.

Feb 3, 2019

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