3 Important Reasons to Get a Termite Inspection Today

If you are a homeowner, then there is no doubt that you have been told to get a termite inspection. In fact, many do so before purchasing their home or commercial property. However, many put off the initial termite inspection until disaster strikes.

Don’t think you need a termite inspection? Take a look at these three important reasons to get a termite inspection. They may just change your mind.

Termite Damage Can Cost You Thousands

The main reason termite inspections are pushed so much is due to the fact that a termite infestation can cause a homeowner or business owner thousands of dollars in repairs. Just think about it. A subterranean termite colony can eat an estimated 15 pounds of wood in a week. If this happens to be the support beams or joists that hold your home together, you could be out of a home until the problem is fixed. In addition to wood, termites also enjoy dining on plastic, plants, plaster, siding, and insulation.

Most people think that their homeowner’s insurance will cover termite damage if structural damage is caused. However, the reality is that there are no homeowner insurance plans that will cover damage to your home or other building due to termite infestation and damage.

Termites Are Pros at Staying out of Sight

Termites are known as a silent destroyer. You may never know that your home is under attack by these pests until it’s too late. This is why it is so important to have a termite inspection before you move into a new home or notice any signs that you may have termites in or around your home.

Subterranean termites live in colonies underground. When searching for food, the tunnel. This is where they can come in contact with your home. Have you ever noticed mud or dirt-like tunnels on the sidewalk or on the side of a house? Sometimes these tubes are visible but are usually located right under the soil. These are called mud tubes or termite tubes. Subterranean termites use these tubes to get around when they are above the ground searching for food. Once termites reach your home, their size allows them to tunnel through the foundation and even the inside of the walls.

Termites Need to Be Inspected on an Annual Basis

What do you do after the termite inspection is completed? If there are no signs of termites or termite colonies, many people decide to just take their chances or call their local pest control company if they suspect termites. However, this is a bad idea. Not only is it important to have a termite inspection completed, but it is equally important to have a termite treatment plan put together.

At Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc., we recommend having a termite inspection on a yearly basis. Why? As mentioned above, termites can cause damage quickly. The sooner you discover termites and take care of the problem, the better the chance that you will lower the amount of money needed to repair termite damage.

Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. Can Provide a Termite Treatment Plan Just for You

At Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc., we know what it takes to tackle your termite problem. Give us a call today to set up your termite inspection from one of our state-certified inspectors. If termites are present after our inspection, we will make recommendations and present a termite treatment plan to get rid of the termites on your property. Our termite treatment plans are created and tailored for each individual situation. From the type of structure to the degree of the infestation, Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. works hard to eliminate pests and provide superior customer satisfaction. We even have a one year guarantee against termites infestation.

If you believe you have termites or want to inquire more about Hopper’s Termite Treatment Plan, give us a call today at (479) 332-3745. And don’t forget, our service area spreads throughout the Ozarks. You can get quality pest control services in Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, Mountain Home, Bull Shoals, Yellville, southern Missouri, and anywhere in between. Don’t settle for less, call Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. today.

Jan 9, 2018

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