Ants, Termites, and Mosquitoes… OH MY!

To say that it has been a rainy and wet spring is an understatement. Many parts of Hopper’s service area have been affected due to the heavy rainfall and flooding. Although things are starting to dry up a little, there are still things to take into consideration. As rain has saturated the ground, many insects and pests are making their way to homes in search of food and shelter. Here are a few bugs to keep a close eye on.


Like many other ground-dwelling insects, ants don’t do too well when April showers become May floods. When rain showers become too much and flood an underground ant nest, the colony is left “homeless”. When this happens, ants begin their search for higher and drier land. Unfortunately for us, they usually find a dry place in our home. And since ants are considered social insects, if you find one, you can bet that there are a couple hundred nearby.Ants can wreak havoc on a home and homeowners should take immediate action to keep ants from becoming an infestation. Once they figure out that your home is not only dry but contains food, they are likely NOT to move out on their own and over-the-counter remedies may not be useful if the number of ants moving in continues to grow.


Mosquitoes plus water usually equals more mosquitoes. With all of the rain this spring, it may have been difficult if not impossible to make sure places around your home are free from standing water. Standing water is perfect for mosquitoes and their reproduction. You would think that heavy rain coming down would help squat some of the airborne critters, but studies have shown that mosquitoes have no problems flying in the rain.What do you do to keep the number of mosquitoes and mosquito bites at bay? On a personal level, you can use a deterrent spray to keep them from biting you and your family. You can also be diligent in making sure there is no standing water in your yard or around your house.


When the weather has been wetter than normal, many people think of mosquitos and other pests before they think of termites. However, there is one thing that termites love more than wood and that is wood that has water damage. After heavy rains and flooding, wood in and around the home can easily become waterlogged. The wood creating beautiful decks and the wood beams that are a part of many home foundations are perfect for termites. After heavy rains and flooding, it is important to inspect your home in places that may have remained saturated by water to see if there was water damage or if you can help dry out the area. If you do suspect that termites are causing damage, give Hopper a call so that we can send one of our technicians out to properly inspect your property for termites.

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These are just a few of the pests that make their appearance when heavy rains and flooding have occurred. There are a few things you can do to help the situation; however, if you are wanting to get rid of these annoying and troublesome bugs, then give Hopper Termite & Pest, Inc. a call today. Remember, our service area includes Mountain Home, Fayetteville, Mountain View, and everywhere in between.We have a variety of services to choose from including a Termite Treatment service to target termites before they create too much costly damage. Our trained and educated technicians can inspect your home or business and suggest a pest management service that is just right for your buggy situation. Give us a call at 1-888-863-0206 and let us help you eliminate any unwanted pests.

May 23, 2017

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