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What to Look for in a Termite Contract

by Hopper Environmental on December 17, 2013

If you’re thinking of signing a termite contract to help better protect your home in the upcoming year, you’re certainly on the right track. Termites do billions of dollars in damages to properties just like yours year after year, and signing a contract with a termite control company can help prevent that. Not every termite contract is actually going to protect you. How do you find the best choice? These tips can help.

  • A good contract starts with the right company. You want a company you can trust, so make certain to read the reviews. Signing-a-ContractYou may also want to look for membership in a national or local pest control association to ensure you’re getting reliability.
  • Look for one that covers damage and the cost of treatment. There are three different kinds of contracts out there. Some just cover the cost of retreatment should a problem occur. Others cover the cost of any damage the termites have done, as well as retreatment. Others don’t actually cover any of that. They just cover the cost of the annual inspection year after year. You have to pay for the service and any damage they find. You need a contract that covers both to make certain you’re protected.
  • Look for low renewal rates. At some point, you’re going to want to make sure they keep coming back to check your house, so look for fairly low rates to renew.

The only way you’re going to know for certain that you’re getting the right contract is if you do some serious communicating before you sign anything. You may want to go as far as writing out your questions and concerns before you call anyone, then discuss each one with the right company. This can help you make certain you’re on the same page with your company of choice.

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