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Ants in Your Kitchen?

by Hopper Environmental on February 15, 2013

Ants are one of the top pests in the United States.  Their ability to get in through all sorts of tiny cracks and crevices means that, despite all of our best efforts, we still may see ants marching along from the kitchen to the outdoors.  Even more frustrating is that ants will always go for food.  They aren’t in our homes for any other reason (carpenter ants are there for the wood housing, but they won’t shun the food either).   
kitchen ants, Hopper Environmental

When there are ants coming to and fro from your kitchen or pantry, you’ll want to do everything possible to put a stop to it.  However, sometimes DIY methods don’t always work.  You may put out ant bait, but then it seems as though they still keep coming until you need to put out more and more.  There needs to be a solid solution to your ant problem.  

Stop Them Inside and Out  
Ants are aiming for your food, so you can start by cleaning up any messes, drips, cutting boards, crumbs, and more.  Don’t give them easy access to anything that might entice them further.  You can also put certain foods into different containers in order to make sure ants stay out, such as placing sugar into a glass or plastic container.  Clean off the tops or lids such as syrup or jelly containers.  Ants may not be able to get inside of these, but if there are trace amounts of sugary substances around the edges of lids, they’ll flock to that spot instead.   

Preventing ants from getting into your home can be very difficult if you have no idea how they are getting inside.  You can follow the line of ants back to a small hole or crack inside of your home and block that, but it is possible for them to simply find a new route.  You need to discover how they are getting in front the outside or discover the colony in order to remove it.  

Additional Help  
Doing that on your own can be very difficult, and if you can’t manage it, you may simply continue to see black ants coming into your home.  Enlisting help from a professional ant pest control exterminator can not only solve the problem but give you peace of mind.  They can help you locate the pathways the ants are using, as well as use any handyman services they have to put in the appropriate fixes or blocks to keep ants from entering.  They can also provide additional protection to deter ants further so you will be truly ant-free.

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